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Get away, Jordan

mercredi 17 mai 2006

Get away Jordan, get away oh chilly Jordan
Get away, Jordan
Oh I wanna cross over to see my Lord
Get back chilly Jordan
And I wanna cross over to see my Lord

1 You know I promised the Lord
If He would set me free ;
I’ll go on find out where the End might be ;
One day, one day I was walking alone ;
You know I heard a voice but I saw no one ;
You know the voice I heard sounded so sweet, child
Come down from my head to the sole of my feet.

2 You know one of these mornings it won’t be long
You’ve gonna look for me, child and I’ll be gone ;
For a few more risings I’m sitting in the sun, Yeah
This old battle be fought and a victory won
You know a friend I used to love so dear ;
He go on the glory and he left me here ;
When my feet get cold My eyes shirl ;
My body has been chilled By the hand of Death ;
Talk Lord To the roof of my mouth.

3 My head is falling across my breath
You don’t have to worry about the way I feel
God allmighty told me He’ll right be there
Take me all in your wings of love
Carry my soul to the Heavens of above
They tell me the Jordan is deep and wide
But I promised mother I’ll see her
On the other side.

Enregistré par : Take 6

Get away Jordan - Take 6

et par : Dorothy Love Coates

Get away Jordan - Dorothy Love Coates & the Original Gospel Harmonettes

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